Faith Mission of Elkhart serves Christmas feast to those in need


Over one hundred hot meals were served to people in need at the Faith Mission of Elkhart for Christmas dinner.

The Faith Mission is the only emergency facility in Elkhart County that provides people with shelter, meals, clothing and services to teach them life skills.

“There’s a lot of people who don’t have family and don’t have  anywhere to go. It gives them a sense of feeling like they belong somewhere like someone cares,” said employee Helen Kauffman.

Over a dozen volunteers were also on hand to help out.

“You know I feel like I come in here to be a blessing to them and they are actually a blessing to me,” said volunteer Mary Nagy.

Former resident Henry Tully stayed at the shelter for over two years.

“If it wasn’t for Faith Mission I’d probably be dead. Being together, and fellowship and to not be alone, you know, it’s real nice. I just want everybody to know that there is hope and you might feel down and depressed but just think of something positive and it might be hard but if you really need help come to the Faith Mission,” said Tully.

To learn more about the Faith Mission, click here.

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