Families are worried after robbery in Koontz Lake


Residents in Koontz Lake are still shaken by the robbery of a Marathon gas station on Monday night. The suspects were wearing masks and bulletproof vests as they robbed the store.

Officials say the clerk was robbed at gun point but no one was injured in the robberies. People living in the area say they're shocked that a crime of this magnitude happened in their neighborhood.

"You always think it’s not going to happen in your neighborhood," said Aimee Swanson. "It's mind blowing."

Law enforcement from five different agencies assisted on the search for the suspects. Some people living in Koontz Lake are concerned that Monday night's robbery was just a test run for something larger.

"This is a plan for something bigger that they’re planning," said Mark Quaife. "It seems like a trial run for this small rural area."

Officials are asking anyone with any information on this robbery to contact the Starke County Sheriff's office at 574-772-3771.

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