Families brave cold for Christmas tradition

GALIEN, IN -- Temperatures may be below freezing, but that didn't stop many families from braving the cold, and keeping the tradition alive, of finding that perfect Christmas tree. 

Pinecrest Tree Farm in Galien, Michigan pulled out all the stops this year, trying to get folks to buy Christmas trees.  But for families that visited, it wasn't all about the bells and whistles.  

"It's become a whole family tradition now for us," says Eric Lange, a longtime customer at Pinecrest. 

And at Pinecrest Tree Farm, tradition is what they do. 

"We try to make a good Christmas family experience," says Craig Goodenough, one of the family owners of the farm.  

And after 40 years of business, it's as much a tradition to the owners, as it is to the customers.  

"I can't imagine doing anything else because when people come out here, they have so much Christmas spirit," says Kris Goodenough, one of the family owners of the farm.  

And the owners hope their already loyal customers will share the tradition with future generations.  

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