Families in Kokomo say they have lots to be thankful for

KOKOMO, Ind. -- On Thanksgiving, ABC57 traveled to Kokomo to check on the families affected by the tornadoes that struck earlier this month. We caught up with two families giving thanks this year.

The tornadoes hit November 17 in the middle of the afternoon.

The Gatlin family's home was torn to pieces in the storm.

"I turned 16 in this house," said 16-year-old Jerez Gatlin.

They can't spend Thanksgiving in their home, but the Gatlins say they have a lot more to be thankful for than ever before.

"Thankful to be alive," said Jerez.

Two tornadoes went through the town and destroyed many homes.

There's little left standing where the tornadoes hit.

"Different. It's changed. There are no more trees. It's just plain now," said Jerez.

Right next door to the Gatlins' broken home, the Johnson family prepares their thanksgiving meal.

Hanna Johnson has lived in this neighborhood her entire life.

"This is where I grew up, and one storm came through and destroyed parts of it," said 17-year-old Hanna Johnson.

When she looks next door - she knows she's lucky to have a roof over her head this Thanksgiving.

"That our house is still livable, that it's not as bad and we are still making everything," said Hanna.

The Red Cross delivered meals to families displaced by the storm.

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