Family and friends of Cord Colgrove hold memorial to bring closure

NOW: Family and friends of Cord Colgrove hold memorial to bring closure


The family and friends of Cord Colgrove hosted a memorial Saturday in Winamac in the hopes of bringing some closure after his death.

The 35-year-old was shot and killed in North Judson on Friday March 3.

30-year-old Edward Blackburn has been arrested and charged with Colgrove’s murder.

Two weeks later, those who knew him best are sharing memories to move forward.

“He was huge in the community. He was always in athletics and sports, so in the community, as you can see, there’s a lot of people here that came to support, you know, he means a lot. A lot of people here you know just sad about what happened and they came here for some closure,” said Josh Clark, Colgrove’s best friend.

“Didn’t matter if he had a dollar in his pocket, but he wanted to help somebody. That was Cord, and Joey was the same way…In 220, Joey had an accident, and I lost my son, and Cord had a hard time living after that for a long time. They was a good pair, but now I know Cord’s with Joey now, so they’re together again,” said Joseph Krulik, whose son was Colgrove’s best friend.

“The kids all loved to do their hair just like he did, all the time. Even today, I think some of the kids do. It was just like a tradition. Cord did it that way. I’m going to do it that way,” said Cindy Hagen, a family friend of Colgrove’s.

“I remember one just like it was yesterday. I was kind of yelling at the boys in the dugout, and they’re high school kids. They’re staring at their feet, and I got to Cord, and he’s looking right at me with that smirk, and he winked at me, and it just completely threw my train of thought. I didn’t know what to do, so basically it was over, and he jumped up, hit me on the butt, and he goes, we got this, and took off, and that’s the kind of kid Cord was. I could depend on him to do anything. I really could. He’s, he was a special kid to me,” said Colgrove’s former coach, Mark Hendryx.

“I decided to make Cord a memory book for his family…got all of his papers out from school. …I found one of his school report cards with a school picture and a picture that he drew growing up,” said Cindy Hagen.

“Super young man. He was kind of wild. Don’t get me wrong, but he enjoyed life. Every minute of it,” said Joseph Krulik.

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