Family and friends remember founder of Hello Gorgeous

NOW: Family and friends remember founder of Hello Gorgeous

MISHAWAKA, Ind. - A national nonprofit which established its roots here locally, is remembering one of its founders after his death on Monday.

Michael Becker and his wife Kim made it their life’s work to give full makeovers to women with cancer. All so that those women can feel beautiful again

The idea started in Michiana, but has now reached 15 states and over a hundred salons!

The family is not going to change anything because of Michael’s death. They’re going to keep trying to expand the company to more states.

When asking friends what words they would use to describe Michael, they would use words like selfless, hardworking or funny.

But for his wife, Michael was her rock.

“He kept us centered. When we would get too off track he would say you need to dial it back and remember it’s all about the women,” said Kim Becker.

The women that were touched by hello gorgeous say he made them feel special.

“The kind of people they are, the person Mike was, they just make you feel good,” said Janel Sears, who received a makeover from the Beckers in 2010.

Sears was diagnosed with cancer twice, and it was after the second time that she received her makeover.

“They just made me feel gorgeous,” she said.

But it was more than the physical looks. Sears says it’s the people that truly changed her life.

 “I wouldn’t have been able to then help other people in a small way if I hadn’t met them and seen what they do,” she said.

And one day after his death, Kim found that Michael is still giving.

After 20 years of sickness and liver disease, Michael still signed up to be an organ donor.

Kim said she didn’t know if any of his organs were usable.

Then she got a call saying his eyes were going to be used.

“He will give sight to two people by donating his eyes,” said Kim. “I really hope that whoever gets them will see the world the way he did.”

The family is now moving forward. Kim says they’re taking it a day at a time.

Funeral arrangements are being made. The family asks that any memorial contributions be sent to Hello Gorgeous to keep Michael’s legacy alive.

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