Family holds drive-by wedding shower parade

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich.-- Christian and Mila met in Orlando, Florida through mutual friends at an event a few years ago.

When Mila walked into the room, Christian said that he knew immediately that she was the one.

“I remember time just stopping, it was the hair movement it was everything. And I just remember saying okay this girl is going to be my next girlfriend,” Christian Ledesma said. “That’s history from there, we just started talking nonstop.”

When the coronavirus hit, the couple had to make adjustments to their wedding arrangements, cancel their honeymoon, and Mila had to cancel her bridal shower.

“We knew everything was going to be on the defense, but we never thought it was going to be this way,” Ledesma said.

“I was supposed to fly to Florida last weekend but because of cases rising I didn’t want to put anybody at risk,” Mila Komarova said.

To make up for it, Christian and his mom had a plan, and in just 2 weeks organized a drive by wedding shower parade for her on Sunday.

“I thought what way can I do to honor both of them, because they’re both amazing young people and I know that all of your family and all of our friends really love them, and I wanted Mila to know that there’s a community here in Berrien Springs that loves her and Christian and will support her, and she’s not alone,” Janet Ledesma said.

Mila just moved to Berrien Springs from Florida only a month ago, and said that there’s been many difficult adjustments, but the community's support makes her feel at home.

“This made me feel really loved and felt like Michigan is my home now,” Komarova said.

"As we’re starting our small family unit just me and Mila now, it’s like now we have a bigger family.”

Christian’s mom said that she would do it all over again.

“There’s no greater joy....I just love both these kids and there’s no greater joy than to make them happy and to do this for them, is a little piece of heaven here on earth,” Janet said.

Christian and Mila will be tying the knot in September with close friends and family.

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