Family honors slain father at Daddy Daughter Dance

In November James Quinn was shot and killed in Benton Harbor leaving behind 7 and 9-year-old daughters.

When Quinn took Dawnyelle and Chrystal to their first dance at Fair Plain Middle School one year ago he vowed to make it an annual tradition.

 “Today is my girl’s father daughter dance, and this is the first daddy daughter dance without their dad this year,” said mom Jasmine Brown.

Although the girls don’t have their dad this year, their family and friends are stepping up to make the night special.

“He promised them that every father daughter dance he would go and he started last year and he was supposed to go this year but it wasn’t possible for him to go this year. So his best friend is stepping in for him,” said Brown.

His best friend, Brandon Spencer, says although no one can fill their dad’s spot he wants to be there for the girls.

“That pillar that was once in their lives is at a standstill in a sense, you know? But, you know, there’s more than one pillar. So while there’s maintenance being done in one area, there’s other pillars to hold up the foundation,” said Spencer.

Saturday night Spencer stepped into Quinn’s shoes and took Dawnyelle and Chrystal to the Father Daughter Dance.

“I just want every moment to be special, every moment,” said Spencer.

Brandon got his wish. The girls had a blast with their friends and danced the night away.

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