Family members give impact statements to driver in fatal crash

NOW: Family members give impact statements to driver in fatal crash


SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The man responsible for a crash that killed Andre Northern in February 2017 heard victim impact statements from Northern's family members in court on Tuesday.

James W. Morrison was originally scheduled to be sentenced during the hearing, but his attorney suffered a personal loss and the sentencing was postponed.

During the hearing, all three of Northern's sons and his eldest granddaughter spoke in court to try to verbalize their loss.

"He was, obviously you see us gathering here on his behalf. This is like I said, not even half of the people he affected. His loved ones. His love was felt. If you even met him one time, you would feel his love," said Northern's son Dion Northern. "We miss our father, our brother, our grandfather."

Morrison addressed the court and said he was immensely sorry and hopes with time the family can forgive him.

In January, Morrison pleaded guilty to resisting law enforcement, causing death while operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance, and three counts of causing serious bodily injury while under the influence.

Morrison is scheduled to be sentenced on April 9.

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