Family mourns man killed by South Shore train

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – Hundreds of people gathered Monday to remember 22-year-old Ryan Voreis.

Police say Voreis was driving in Warren Township when he did not see an oncoming train and was killed instantly.

"I’m going to miss you Ryan.  I love you,” said Voreis’ best friend Troy Bella.

Troy Bella wept as he told me he wishes he could have kept his best friend Ryan Voreis from leaving his house Sunday night.

“Anything, I damn near give my whole life for him to just stay there,” said Bella.

But instead Voreis left to go to a friends’ house and on his drive he was hit by an oncoming train.  He was killed instantly.  Family and Friends gathered to remember Ryan and share memories.

“He is a ladies’ man.  I have to give him that,” said Bella.

Bella said these train tracks have always been a safety hazard.

“My friends’ mother almost was hit.  I probably would have done the same thing, because you cannot see.  There is a blind spot,” said Bella.

Bella wants something done about it immediately.

“You got to have something blocking all the tracks,” said Bella.

“If they could get that up tonight, it could save another driver,” said Bella.

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