Family of 5 kidnapped at gunpoint

Rebekah Hoeger

Foley, AL -- Foley Police say a man, his wife and three kids were kidnapped early Monday morning and the father and step-mom were kidnapped at gunpoint.

Police arrested Elizabeth Swistok-Boyd and Aubrey Griffin Monday for the crime. Swistok-Boyd is the biological mother of the children, but police say she does not have custody of them.

According to Lt. Tony Fuqua with the Foley Police Department, the oldest child gave Swistok-Boyd a key to the home, and then the two suspects got them out of the house and a third party drove them to Mobile.

Police say then Griffin and Swistok-Boyd went back to the residence and demanded that the kids' father, and step-mom get in the vehicle at gunpoint.

"They actually told me they were coming to kill me," said one of the victims who didn't want to be identified. "She had a pistol. He had a rifle. I was more worried about the guy in the backseat with the gun."

Police say they taped the father and step-mom's hands with duct tape. They say it happened around 4:30 a.m.

The father and step-mother were released in Mobile at a fast food restaurant downtown, according to Foley Police. The three children were located after 9:30 a.m. and are now in the custody of DHR.

"The main thing is everyone's okay and the victims, although they were shaken up, are fine," said Lt. Fuqua.

Swistok-Boyd and Griffin remain in jail Tuesday night. They have a bond hearing set for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.


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