Fans brave the cold for Friday Night Football

Hundreds of people attended the Northridge High School and New Prairie game on Friday night despite this cold snap.

Northridge High School made history because this was the first time their football program made it to semi-state. 

One Northridge grandma brought an entire suitcase full of warm clothes into the packed grand stands!

Phyllis Hart said, “I embarrassed my son! he thinks I'm funny when I do this. But I want to keep warm!”

Two Northridge football moms stood in line for 5 hours at raider nation on Friday to secure good seats for the game. 

Lynn McCarthy and Lisa Chrisman said, “This is so great. Surreal. Not just for the community but for these boys! Most of them have played together all through pee wee league to now. There for a while we didn't win any games but they still went out there and plugged away so it's just so awesome!”

Throughout the game, players used heaters on the sidelines to stay warm.

The final score of the game was 28 to 10 and New Prairie High School is heading to the state championship in Indianapolis.

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