Farmers cautiously optimistic about possible record corn crop

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -- We are still several weeks away from harvest season for field corn and it is possible this year's crop could be record-breaking.

As a livestock producer and farmer, Mike Yoder has a bit of a different perspective on this year's high yield corn crop.

"We're still going off of last year's shortage of corn and soy beans so as a dairy farmer I'm still paying the high prices. So last year's drought is still affecting livestock farmers," said Yoder.

Because the field corn isn't ready for harvest yet, farmers like Yoder are still using the corn from last year's harvest, which was more expensive because there was less to go around from the drought.

"We're looking forward to this fall, this harvest, lower prices, exactly the opposite of what grain farmers are saying. Last year corn was selling for $7 or $8 and now it's $4 or $5," said Yoder.

But grain and corn farmers aren't exactly complaining about the high yield either.

There's still a bit of time for the field corn to come in, so farmers are still cautious about potential weather disasters.

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