Farmers prepare for a late spring

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Farmers are hoping for consistency when it comes to the weather.  Even though it has been hitting above freezing recently, the terribly long winter is still causing headaches for local farmers.

“It’s been cold and we need to get the soil temperatures up, and with a lot of the planting we like to have at least 50 degree soil temperatures so I don’t know where we are at now,” said Mark Hetler of Hetler Farms.

Hetler Farms sets up their spot at the South Bend Farmers Market every week. The demand for fresh produce is a struggle this season.

“In order to keep a constant supply, we need to keep our planting in at the same time, so we have not been able to have a continued supply,” said Helter.

Seeding for the popular sweet corn is not going to be easy this year. The need for the soil to thaw is a top priority coming into spring.

“Forecasting a cold wet spring, that just puts things behind," says Helter. "There is still ice across the lake by us so it’s going to be a late spring.”

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