Farmers warned to protect themselves from hackers

As the weather warms up, busy season begins for Michiana farmers.

However, experts say hackers could now be targeting their crops.

Larry Clinton, president of the Internet Security Alliance is warning farmers to watch their data as closely as they watch their crops.

He says the agriculture business is sometimes behind in protecting itself, even though many farmers use brand new technology on the job.

For instance, farmers with computer controlled farming equipment or just computers, are advised to set up firewalls and passwords to protect them.

Clinton says the data at risk is so sufficient, if it gets into the wrong hands, it could threaten the food supply.

“There's valuable soil and content data; there's GMO variables; there's pesticide and chemical formulas, genetic engineering, innovative animal breeding techniques, planting, harvesting, processing, storing, transporting. There's a lot of important business data there,” Clinton said.

Clinton says cyber terrorists can target small farming businesses as well, and he encourages all farmers to protect their technology.

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