Fatal fire in Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind.--Charred drapes, destroyed shutters and burnt siding is all that's left of an Elkhart home on Magnolia Avenue.

Crews responded to a call early Saturday morning saying the single family home was engulfed in thick smoke.

Eighty-eight-year-old Dan Gagax died inside the home.

His mother-in-law was also home at the time of the fire, but she got out okay.

The elderly man's wife was at work at the time.

Investigators say the structure fire originated in the rear corner of the first floor. The entire master bedroom was fully involved with flames.

Crews had the fire under control quickly.

One firefighter reported a minor injury while working the fire.

Neighbors didn't want to be on camera, but said the victim was a quiet, very kind man who they will greatly miss.

Elkhart City fire chief inspector said they will release an official statement on Monday.

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