Father and daughter shot in attempted home invasion

ELKHART, Ind. -- A seven-year-old has died after she and her dad were shot in front of their home on Kilbourn Street in Elkhart, Friday night.

Police are calling it an attempted home invasion.

We talked to the girl's first grade teacher Saturday who told us the little girl, Kristyana, and her father were shot.
The father was shot in the arm and the little girl in the head.
Kristyana's teacher says she hopes police catch the suspect quickly but she is more worried about Kristyana's recovery.
"My energy and my focus is on Kristyana and helping her get better, get back to school and back to her friends.  And that's where my focus is right now, so who ever did this is in my opinion is a coward," said first grade teacher, Carla Darr.
The teacher also says the family is keeping positive through all of this and is asking the community for prayers.
Friends of the family confirmed that Kristyana died from her injuries Sunday afternoon.

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