Father of shooting victim leads community forum on violence

NOW: Father of shooting victim leads community forum on violence

SOUTH BEND, Indiana -- A community discussion on violence was held Wednesday night, led by the father of a young man killed in the spring.

21-year-old Darnelle Warfield was fatally shot on Windfall Court in late April. No one has been arrested for his murder.

For the first time, Darnelle’s dad Richard is speaking out about what he calls the most difficult thing a parent can face.

"When it happens to you it’s just kind of like your whole world is falling down on you and you just don’t know how to react to it. You just kind of go numb," says Warfield.

Warfield says he has always wanted to make a difference in his community, but now is the right time.

“With the death of my son it just kind of put everything into perspective. The way I feel I would never want another parent to feel like that. I would never want my worst enemy to feel the way I feel in regards to having a child go before you,” says Warfield.

The forum was held at the Charles Black Recreation Center. Around 50 people came to brainstorm how they can work towards making the city safer.

Warfield says this was only the first step. He plans to hold monthly meetings and engage more people in the community in the conversation.

When we find out when the next meeting will be, this story will be updated.

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