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Fatherless boys can learn auto skills with new South Bend program


This spring, a South Bend barber is using his shop as a vessel to make a difference in people's lives. 

Kintae Lark runs inspiration barber shops and beauty school. As a faith leader, he says he's always looking for ways to provide a hand up for those who need it.

His latest initiative is called "Bless That Ride." It's an intentional program to help young men of color, specifically those without fathers, learn some auto maintenance skills. 

Kids learn how to do an oil change, tire rotations, carpet cleaning, and buffing and waxing. They also get to learn from mentors, just like them, that they can look up to. 

"A lot of times as young men we grow up, we talk tough like men, we grow beards like men," said Kintae Lark of Inspiration Barber Shop. "But skill wise because our father is not there to help sharpen us, we become a little lost on our journey to fixing things and being able to build that type of capacity."

Sign ups are now underway for the program, which kicks off April 22-29. Any young man age 10-19 can get involved. The workshops are $25 dollars, which pays for the toolkit and binder. Scholarships are available in exchange for community service. You can sign up by texting 574-386-9819 or going to their website. 

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