February 2018 looms large as snow depth increases

After almost a week of subfreezing temperatures, the deep snowpack is becoming a familiar, if not slightly unusual, sight across Michiana.

The snow depth currently sits at 10" in South Bend (as of Wednesday evening). It's been more than two years since South Bend's snowpack has reached the double digits.

However, when talking about February snowpack, one only needs to look back three years to remember an incredible catastrophe. 

Some people across Michiana are still recovering from the massive flooding of February 2018. At one point that month, we had 15" of snow on the ground. Just days later, temperatures soared into the 60s and more than 5 inches of RAIN fell in a span of 48 hours. 

So, when the snow starts to pile up, especially toward the back-half of winter, some folks get understandably nervous. 

The good news: this time around, temperatures look to stay cold through the middle of the month, and it appears that our climb out of the freezer will be a more gradual one as compared to three years ago. 

However, with colder temperatures comes the opportunity to ADD to the snow depth already out there.

Regardless, we'll keep an eye on the snowpack over the coming months.

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