Feline stowaway discovered mid-flight

A cat put one of her nine lives on the line after taking an unexpected trip on an ultralight aircraft – and it was caught on video.

The video shows Romain Jantot and his passenger flying over French Guiana. When Romain noticed the cat, he did a double-take.

"There's a moment when your eyes go up,” said Jeanne Moos.

"That whoops moment,” said Romain.

As in ‘whoops! How did i miss the cat asleep or hiding in the fabric of the wing when doing the preflight check?'

She was already the flight school's mascot.

Now, fur blowing in the wind, she earned her wings.

She may have been a no name cat before, but now they're thinking of calling her Stowaway.

Romain immediately headed back to the airport.

The video has been a hit online and many commenters asked why the woman didn't reach out for the cat.

They were afraid it would jump.

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