Fields of dreams a close reality in Edwardsburg

NOW: Fields of dreams a close reality in Edwardsburg

EDWARDSBURG, Mich. --If you build it they will come!

That was the motto an Edwardsburg couple had when breaking ground on the Edwardsburg Sports Complex a decade ago.

Tuesday afternoon, U.S. Representative Fred Upton paid the non-profit a visit in hopes of bolstering donations.

For Edwardsburg Sports Complex President, Ed Patzer, it’s a slice of heaven.

The native son and his wife broke ground on the 102-acre property in 2007.

So far through private donations, construction is still chugging along.

“The projected cost to complete the entire complex, depending on what ends up on the light side of the project and how many field we decide to end up with, somewhere between five and seven million dollars donated to the construction of the complex,” said Patzer.

But their vision for these fields of dreams is grander.

Jennifer Mackling is the Executive Director for the complex.

“To host those large scale events that brings families and brings support out to Edwardsburg and the surrounding area in that way as well,” said Mackling.

A visit by Representative Upton might just help facilitate those dreams.

“It’s important as a legislator the progress that’s being made in the private sector. You know maybe there are some state funds that are made available,” said Rep. Upton.

It was Upton’s first visit inside the complex.

He said he was inspired by the progress and the generosity by the community to come together to make this dream a reality.

“A lot of good ideas, maybe they put a restaurant there, maybe some wine tastings. It’s just yet another magnet not only for jobs here in Michigan but just for a better way of life,” said Rep. Upton.

They’re hoping with another couple larger sized donations this dream would become reality in about two to three years.

They haven’t asked for public funding yet but kept that door open for future projects on site.

If you want to know more about the complex, click here.

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