Fight against Ebola in America continues

President Obama is calling the fight against Ebola a national security issue, and the administration is increasing its efforts to prevent an epidemic in the US.

Officials in Nebraska announced American journalist Ashoka Mukpo will be treated with an experimental drug, which is the same drug doctors in Dallas are using to treat Thomas Eric Duncan.

The new drug has yet to be tested on humans prior to being used on Mukpo and Duncan.

“What we've learned, Ebola is how important it is to get the patient basic care right, so that we are treating their fluid and electrolyte balance well. That's critically important to survival,” says CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden.

The Pentagon is laying out its plans to protect Americans from Ebola by mobilizing thousands of troops and hundreds of aid workers who will be providing assistance and fighting the deadly virus at its source in West Africa.

“The mobile labs are testing people and some of them will have the Ebola virus,” says US Africa Commander David Rodriguez.

In Texas, Governor Rick Perry visited a lab that's working to produce more Ebola fighting drugs.

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson was also in Texas by the request of the Duncan family who believe he was being treated unfairly.

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