Don't let finances ruin your relationship

NOW: Don’t let finances ruin your relationship

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – A financial advisor in Michiana said three main arguments can cause a divorce. They are money, physical intimacy, and family.

Mike Bernard, a financial advisor with Korhorn Financial Group said money is one of the main reasons why relationships fail. Couples tend to argue about differing viewpoints when it comes to their finances. With one spouse usually the saver and another the spender.

Bernard said balance and communication are very important when it comes to financial success. He said it's crucial to talk to a financial planner about your finances, but also important to communicate with your spouse regularly.

Bernard advises couples to try and set a time at the beginning of the year to talk about what they want to accomplish financially in the year.

It’s just talking about money, getting on the same page, and listening to your partner or your spouse or your significant other, their desires, their viewpoint on money, and sharing your own and finding common ground, Bernard said.

It’s important for couples to come up with a game plan for saving and spending, Bernard said this can help minimize financial disagreements.

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