Fire at Dowagiac golf course intentionally set

DOWAGIAC, Mich. -- A garage that held 120 golf carts was destroyed by fire Wednesday morning at the Hampshire Country Club in Dowagiac. Now investigators are looking for the person who set the fire.

"This was our family home. This is what the farm was when I was growing up and this was our crop and dairy farm," said Rolly Wells, co-owner of Hampshire Country Club.

A few walls, a golf green, and 120 golf carts covered in soot are all that's left.

For Rolly and his sister in law Lori, it is more than a golf course, it's a cherished family tradition.

"It's engraved in my soul, I mean it's the golf course - which is what we say at home. It's the golf course," said Lori Wells, co-owner of Hampshire Country Club.

The Wells say they refuse to say goodbye to their business.

"We will be back on track, we don't know when.  It might take a couple weeks, it might take a couple days," said Lori.

Even with all of the uncertainty, they vow to stay positive.

"You know they may need a little TLC to get them up and going, but of course maybe you would like something else, that's okay too," said Rolly.

"We have been here 53 years. We are not going no place. There is Steve, Rolly, and I, and we are not going anywhere. And with all the support we get, why would we want to?" said Lori.

Rolly and Lori say they cherish the memories they have here, but they also plan to make many more.

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