Firefighter injured in abandoned building in Elkhart

NOW: Firefighter injured in abandoned building in Elkhart

ELKHART, Ind -- The call for the abandoned restaurant came in just after two o'clock this afternoon for a heavy fire on Cassopolis street in Elkhart.

The Elkhart police department were the first to arrive to what used to be the Chicago Bar and Grill restaurant. 

Once officers arrived, the found a homeless man who was squatting inside of the abandoned restaurant and assisted him to safety.

Firefighters arrived shortly after officers to find the main middle portion of the building in large flames causing windows to break instantly.

The fire caused busy Cassopolis street to be shut down for hours while firefighters continued to work the scene by putting out small fires that continued to rise.

The homeless man found in the building is considered to be seriously injured due to having to be intubated. 

The firefighter at the time was considered to have a minor injury after suffering from smoke inhalation and high levels of carbon monoxide.

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