Firefighter's Union files grievance against Elkhart City Council

NOW: Firefighter’s Union files grievance against Elkhart City Council

ELKHART, Ind. – The Firefighter’s Union filed a grievance against the Elkhart City Council on Monday, claiming that firefighters were paid late because of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

President of the Elkhart Professional Firefighters Dustin Flagg said that contractually firefighters must be paid a day before the holiday.

Firefighters, however, were paid the day after, and they requested 24 hours of compensation time.

“According to our current collective party agreement, all firefighters must be paid the business day before a holiday,” Flagg said. “We did not receive that payment until Friday the 29th.”

The Union and the Council agreed on six hours of compensation time for the delayed pay.

The Elkhart City Council will also propose an amendment to ensure that firefighters are compensated in the event of another holiday delay.

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