Firework vendors experiencing an increase in sales

NOW: Firework vendors experiencing an increase in sales


SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Phantom Fireworks has seen their firework sales increasing heavily this year, with many people coming in over the past few weeks to stock up for their independence day celebrations.

“This year with all of the city shows and all of the like festivals being cancelled, we’ve seen a really great increase in sales. We’ve got a lot of people coming in here early to get their fireworks,” Assistant Manager of Phantom Fireworks Drew Pacetti said

Assistant manager Drew Pacetti said that already this year, that sales have been drastically higher than in previous years.

In the past couple years, we’ve had a good amount in sales but this year with the whole virus, the whole COVID thing, the sales have been up a lot.  We’ve gotten a lot more shipments and a lot more, fireworks, and a lot more people coming in,” Pacetti said.

Phantom fireworks expects even more crowds in the weeks to come, and plans on even more shipments to restock the shelves. However more sales, means a potential higher risk for injury.

 “At phantom we put safety first and with all of the customers coming in, with the more sales, that means more people are going to be lighting the fireworks, more danger,” Pacetti said.

 “I’ve heard from the city fire department and local authorities that safety is always the number one things especially with the increase in sales, so at phantom we take safety very seriously and all of our fireworks are made in the safest quality.”

Pacetti said that although it’s disappointing that people can’t go out and enjoy a free show, he is happy to see that people aren’t letting COVID-19 stop them from enjoying their favorite traditions.

“Fireworks are a great way to stay away from each other but also be together at the same time. It’s the one thing you can do as a family or as a neighborhood where you can still have fun and still be together and still watch a show while still being apart,” Pacetti said.

If Phantom Fireworks does sell out of fireworks, Pacetti said that they have a plan in place with shipments to make sure that everyone can grab the fireworks they want for the Fourth of July.

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