First female to officiate Super Bowl makes history

NOW: First female to officiate Super Bowl makes history


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – This is the first time, in NFL history that a woman referee will be officiating the Super Bowl.  

Clinical athletic trainer, Jenny Deranek said Sarah Thomas is not only a great role model, but she’s paving the way for young adults and girls who want to pursue careers in athletics and sports. 

 “Oftentimes I think for women in athletics or any sort of fitness realm, there’s often this cliff, you know, they kind of reach a point and then stop,” Deranek said. “But yet, the love and the passion doesn’t end, and so by having Sarah in the NFL, you know officiating the Superbowl game, demonstrates that they can, we can.”

 During the Superbowl, Sarah Thomas will take the field in a white and black striped jersey at Raymond James StadiumShe will be the first female ever to officiate the big game, a major milestone in the NFL. 

 But, she’s been a trailblazer since the beginning, when in 2015, she was the first female on-field official for the NFL. That’s not all, in 2007 Thomas was the first female to officiate at the collegiate level. 

 Now women and girls alike look up to Thomas as an inspiration, a mentor who shares the same passion in a male-dominated profession.

“The more we continue to hear and learn about the women who are doing things that aren’t traditional for gender norms, it sets such an awesome stage for those who are looking to go into things like this,” Deranek said. 

Sarah Thomas won’t be the only female on the field. The Buccaneers also have two female assistant coaches, a first for the league. 

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