First Notre Dame game for Virginia couple, 50 years in the making

Every Notre Dame Football season, fans come to see the Fighting Irish for their first time.

For one couple, Saturday’s game against Nevada isn’t only their first Notre Dame game, it’s their first time at Notre Dame.

“We had a party for our 50th wedding anniversary, one of our sons said wait a minute dad; we’ve got one more thing to give you. and they gave me an envelope, and I’m thinking what the heck is in here, and I opened it up and it was tickets to the Notre Dame game and just, we were speechless,” said Ron Morell, who is attending his first Notre Dame game on Saturday.

Ron and Ellie Morell, the couple from Winchester, Virginia, say they are still speechless.

"The emotion of setting foot on Notre Dame campus you just can’t imagine,” said Ron.

“Unbelievable, thanks to our children,” said Ellie.

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