First winter-like weekend

Winter-like conditions will engulf Michiana this weekend, but we are not the only ones who will be feeling much colder than we should. Temperatures will be colder than normal across the majority of the U.S.

Here is the reason. A cold air mass, which is currently in northern Canada, is going to dig south over the next three days, bringing us our first real taste of winter air.

Cold air will dive as far south as southern Texas and Mexico. In many spots across the U.S,, temperatures will plummet twenty degrees or more colder than normal.

In the Midwest, we can expect temperatures between fifteen and twenty-six degrees colder than normal. This means that our daily high temperatures will be in the low to mid 30s on Saturday.

Low to mid-30s are typical of late December. Therefore, we may break a record or two for the coldest high temperature on Saturday, and Friday is pretty close to the top three coldest days as well. Grab your warm winter coats, hats and scarves and keep them around, because there is no big warm up in sight.

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