First winter storm: Police, fire crews expect more calls

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Police and fire crews are gearing up for the bad weather over the next couple of days. Both police and fire expect to have a few more calls than normal, so they have increased staff and have held meetings to discuss the hazards associated with lake-effect snow.

They’ve conducted maintenance on all the police cars and officers have been told to be ready for anything. Areas of particular concern include bridges and schools. Because they're heavily trafficked accidents are more prone to happen.

“The signs you see on the road, the ones that read 30 miles per hour, 40 or 50, those are meant for ideal conditions and we can tell you from past experiences in our area especially with the weather this is not going to be a weekend of ideal conditions. Especially tomorrow,” said Lieutenant Tim Williams of Mishawaka Police Department.

Police say that if you do get in a minor fender bender to call the non-emergency number if no one is injured.

It could put those who really need help at risk.


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