Flames rip through Stevensville painting company

LINCOLN CHARTER TWP, Mi. – Flames ripped through a Stevensville painting company, destroying half of the building.

A fully engulfed fire broke out inside of Meade Painting, located on Lincoln Avenue near John Beers Road, just before midnight Friday.

The paint shop was completely destroyed and the front office suffered smoke and heat damage.

Crews were able to save computers and important records in the front office.

Fire Chief Ron Burkett said since it’s a painting company, housing a lot of combustibles, the fire could have caused significantly more damage.

“This building had quite a bit of fire load in it and being a painting business. We were actually able to contain the fire from getting into the paint storage areas. Which is a good thing for us on our attack,” said Burkett.

Burkett said investigators would return to the site to try and pinpoint a cause later Friday.

Officials believe the fire started in the back of the building.

No one was hurt.



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