Flip-flopping February

The month of February has swung from well above normal to snowy and bitter cold, the tumultuous temperature trend continues with another upswing this week. 

The start of February was quite mild, the warmest temperature so far this month came on Groundhog Day. The second week of February was just the opposite. The seven day stretch of February 8th - 14th was the second coldest this winter, The coldest, January 16th - 23rd just edged out this past week.

Date Average Temperature
January 16th - 23rd
February 8th - 14th


The same time span, February 8th - 14th was also the snowiest seven day stretch of they season, with over a foot of snowfall since last Monday. 

As a result seasonal snowfall has climbed to near normal. However this might be as close to normal as we get. 

The next seven days will see mostly above freezing and above normal temperatures, with no sign of any significant snowfall in the next 10 days

The outlook for the rest of the month is fairly uneventful, no extreme cold blasts are expected and as a result precipitation, more so snowfall looks to be below normal. 

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