Flood waters affecting residents in Kosciusko County

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. -- In Kosciusko County, residents are watching the water closely as it surrounds homes and affects how residents get around.

The area surrounding the Barbee Lakes chain has swelled from the recent rains.

The Barbee chain includes at least 8 different lakes and is just north of Pierceton.

Many have spilled their banks causing problems.

Docks are covered, benches appear to be floating and Susie Rhodes and Sharon Sewell's house is stuck right in the middle of it.

"It’s clear up to the house and across the road. Our neighbors are flooded,” said Susie Rhodes.

Their house sits on a channel near Little Barbee Lake.

But now, that water is a lot closer.

They’re glad they raised their house four feet-when it was completed in 2010.

"With the house lifted, it's made a big difference. Before we'd have to vacate. Now we can stay here because we're dry and it’s just we got to wade to the car,” said Rhodes.

They just brave the water to get to and from their truck.

The dogs are also switching up their routine since their yard is covered in water.

Over on Big Barbee Lake, yard lamps are submerged.

"We really haven't had this much rain for a couple of years,” said Perry Hastings, resident on Big Barbee Lake.

Hastings has been keeping an eye on the rising water.

“Over at the post about a foot beyond there is where the edge of the seawall is and the water is normally,” said Hastings.


Soggy grass has some upset.

"I can’t mow because everything you can see is under water,” said Larry Lindstrom. "If it rains any more it’s going to get worse.”

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