Flooded Plymouth homes could be bought out

NOW: Flooded Plymouth homes could be bought out

Plymouth Indiana is currently in clean-up mode.

Local and Federal programs are being offered to help.

Some residents say what’s being offered is not enough and they want answers.

“Where are the people supposed to get the money to repair all of this and those are the answers that we need. I don’t expect all of us to get tons and tons of money but any amount of assistance to help offset the costs that it is going to take to repair our homes.  Anything is better than nothing and right now the feeling that I get is that it’s one way or no way” Says Nichole Hickey of Plymouth.  

Plymouth City attorney Sean Surrisi says there are options available to residents.

Surrisi says homes in flood plains areas qualify for aid or a buyout.

The buyout program is done through The Indiana Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

The costs are split seventy five percent from FEMA and twenty five percent from the local government.

Surrisi says for homes that qualify an appraisal is done to assess the value and upon approval the process would begin.

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