Flooding concerns at Lakeland Hospital in Niles

NOW: Flooding concerns at Lakeland Hospital in Niles


NILES, Mich. – Flood waters continued to rise on Wednesday which created some minor changes to Lakeland Hospital’s landscape.

Although the parking lot is closed due to the water, Jennie Stocks, the Executive Director of Nursing said the hospital is running almost as normal.

“Our hospital is running perfectly well. We do not have any impact to our infrastructure. We are monitoring it closely.” Stocks said.

The flooding has caused a minor change which was surgery patients have had to use the main entrance instead of the designated back entrance.

Stocks said the only real threat she foresees is the water seeping into the ground floor, which would not impact any patients.

“We have a lot of supplies, but sterile and non-sterile; supplies for the entire hospital. We’re not even close to having any encroachment on that. It would have to physically go up three more feet higher.” Stocks stated.

One man was brought to the hospital because his home was flooded and lost power, which led to his oxygen tank availability was decreased.

As of now, the Lakeland has not cancelled any appointments or surgeries.

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