Flooding reported in Kosciusko County

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. -- Roads and fields in Kosciusko County are flooded because of the downpours Friday. The area is under a flood watch.

"We got about 2.3 to 2.5 inches right around here," said Edward Rock, Emergency Management Director of Kosciusko County.

The rain caused flooding in fields, roads and homes.

Rock says all they can do is wait for Mother Nature to run its course, which may mean even more problems.

"We are waiting for that water to work its way through the system to get to the ditches and into the river and obviously from there and into the lake area. When that happens we are going to see some minor flooding in the low lying areas," said Rock.

Some roads have standing water. Rock asks drivers to be extremely careful the next few days.

"You can literally wash it out and the driver will never know it if they travel into that, especially if they are traveling at any kind of speed, it can do some huge damage," said Rock.

Kosciusko County Emergency Management has sandbag locations set up at the county highway garage and North Webster at the community center.

They provide the sand and sandbags, you will need to bring a shovel to fill the bags.

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