Flooding victims find financial help

Some South Bend flood victims are still waiting on financial help and the city says it could be coming in a few days.

Governor Pence applied for low interest loans for the flood victims, and the city says they expect to be approved within a few days.

In the meantime, they recommend calling the St. Joseph County Emergency Management Agency to report damage.

“We've set up this long term recovery group. It's called ‘Michiana Flooding Long Term Recovery Group’. This group is the volunteer side of aid and relief of St. Joe County and The City of South Bend. We will set up a fiscal agent through that group so we can funnel all donations, whether they're donations of labor, materials or monetary and then be able to funnel those out into the damaged areas.” said John Antonucci of the St. Joseph County Emergency Management Agency.

There is also funding available through The Indiana Disaster Relief Agency. 

The county EMA has also set up a task force to handle donations.

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