Flu vaccines starting without nasal spray option

The Center for Disease Control is recommending no nasal spray this year when it comes to flu vaccines.

Doctors at the South Bend Clinic say they’ll only be giving out the shots.

Studies have found the less painful mist vaccination is less effective than the shot.

This news upsets 11-year-old Nicholas Dudley.

“I hate it,” Dudley said of shots.

Dudley and his mother, Wanda, say they always use the spray.

“I was a little taken aback, because I  knew he would not like to take the shot,” Wanda said.

However painful they may be, doctors still recommend the shot vaccine.

“We recommend getting your flu shot before big flu season starts,” South Bend Clinic pediatrician Dr. Alicia Wilson said.

Wilson says she is already seeing patients for this year’s flu shot.

“It is going to hurt. It’s going to be like a little poke,” Wilson said.

She promises that little poke is nothing compared to the pain of influenza, and the vaccine is recommended.

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