Folks lace up their shoes for Muscle Walk in support of MDA

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Folks laced up their shoes today to help raise money for Muscular Dystrophy research.  

It was all part of the MDA Muscle Walk Saturday in Downtown South Bend.

The disease effects muscles development on a variety of levels.  In it's later form it can cause victims to become wheelchair bound.  The disease is also deadly, with no cure.
Many of the walkers raised donations through fundraisers at local restaurants and with the help from corporate sponsors. 
Susan Losievski, President of the Northern Indiana Muscular Dystrophy Chapter, explains the purpose of the event,  "we're here to raise money and help support MD and bring awareness so that everybody can think about disabilities and how they can help them."
All the money raised stays in Northern Indiana to help Muscular Dystrophy patients through summer camps, clinics, support groups and other activities.

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