Food cost coma: Prices rise just in time for Thanksgiving

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce! We're just over a week away until Thanksgiving! But don't be surprised if your grocery bill is bigger!

Overall food prices are up 13-percent! This Thanksgiving, a 16-pound turkey will cost about $21.50. That's almost $4 more than last year!

Saint Mary's College Economic Professor, Richard Measell told us that the best thing to do is to compare prices.

“The cost will be greater this year than it was last year, and there's probably going to be no escaping that, unless you're going to have sweet potatoes,” said Measell.

If you feel like Thanksgiving dinner is gobbling up your wallet now, just wait until the next round of holidays. Analysts predict gas will top $4 a gallon by Valentine’s Day!

Want some tips on how to save?  Check out the Domestic Diva's blog!  She managed to create an entire Thanksgiving meal for eight people, all for just $25.

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