Football fans jump start business for new local bar and grill

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Here in Michiana Notre Dame fans did not miss a beat cheering on their Fighting Irish.

Brothers Bar and Grill has only been open a little over a week and already business is booming.


That is thanks to the steady flow of football fans walking through its doors.


"Everyone around here is so excited about football in general that you're seeing all different types of fans come out, even earlier this morning you had your Iowa fans and your Michigan fans," says Director of Operations Josh Aliesch.   


Aliesch says being so close to Notre Dame does not hurt either 


" I am always there every weekend, always cheering on the fighting Irish. Got to watch the game," says Notre Dame student Joe Miller.


The restaurant opened its door during Notre Dame's back to back home games and since then It has been taken over by sports fans.


"We already have a bunch of reservations for this evenings game and that's the neat thing, even when it's an away game we are going to have a high attendance of people that want seats," says Aliesch.


Tonight's away game gave more Notre Dame fans and students the chance to step out of the stadium.


"They've got pool tables, dart boards, tons of stuff on tap. So, lots of fun stuff and it looks like as it gets later they clear out some of the stuff so there is room to dance," says Miller.


Brothers  hopes to be busy next weekend too, since Notre Dame is away again.

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