Football legends prepare for Notre Dame vs. Georgia game

ATLANTA—During the “Return the Favor” event at the College Football Hall of Fame on Thursday night, ABC57 Saturday Kickoff’s Vahid Sadrzadeh caught up with Heisman Trophy winners and football legends ahead of the big Notre Dame vs. Georgia game.

Football legends on both sides of the match-up were excited for the game, including Notre Dame Heisman Trophy winner Tim Brown and Georgia Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker.

"I really feel good. I really do. Obviously, last week was a pride builder, if you want to say that. But I think this is one of the best team's we've had this early in the year. To go up against a team like Georgia,” Brown said on his feelings about the current Notre Dame team coming into the match-up against Georgia.

Walker, who played in the 1981 Sugar Bowl against the Fighting Irish, reflected on his own battle against the Notre Dame team.

"My recollection is, you know, Notre Dame is such a tough team and my thought is Notre Dame is always going to be like that. I think kids grow up hearing about Notre Dame. You hear about Notre Dame, they're always going to be really well coached. In this series, coming up now, I think Georgia plays so well and that was Fromm's coming out moment. That was a moment that people saw he can take over and be the leader and that's what they got to do this coming Saturday,” Walker said.

Brown thinks that Notre Dame Football Head Coach Brian Kelly has a lot at stake in Georgia.

"If he [Kelly] wins, it's huge. If he loses, it unfortunately goes into that category again of people going to be saying, 'mmm, never won a big game and all that kind of stuff.' You know, Notre Dame really sees a team from A-to-B with this kind of talent and the kicker may be able to out run a whole bunch of folks from my team! That's how talented these kids are,” Brown said.

Walker believes that the current Georgia team is not taking this match-up lightly.

"No, no and they can't. They can't. Notre Dame is big. They've always got size. They're a great football team. You look at the coach; they're very well coached, very disciplined. They're always a playoff contender,” Walker said.

Former Irish all-American linebacker Bob Crable and former Bulldogs Head Coach Vince Dooley were on hand during the College Football Hall of Fame event.

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