FOP and South Bend reach tentative contract agreement

NOW: FOP and South Bend reach tentative contract agreement

The city of South Bend has reached a new contract deal with the FOP that is expected to help the police department's recruiting efforts.

The agreement includes proposed raises of more than 16 percent over the next three years.

The city is also doubling the lateral transfer bonus for experienced officers to $10,000. The contract also increases longevity pay.

"I think this contract really touched on a lot of different aspects; I think it's going to affect not just our new guys, but we're going to be able to recruit better. I think people are going to be more encouraged to sign up. That's why we have these negotiations process, it's a stronger package than what either one of the initial packages proposed were," said Josh Morgan of the South Bend FOP.

The union has ten days to vote to ratify the new deal.

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