Former corrections officer accused of taking detainee on weekend getaway

NOW: Former corrections officer accused of taking detainee on weekend getaway

KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, Ind. -- A former Kosciusko County community corrections officer was arrested for allegedly taking a detainee out of town for a weekend getaway after removing her ankle monitor, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Patrick Donald Olson, 24, of Winona Lake, was charged on November 1 with sexual misconduct by service provider and aiding, inducing or causing escape.

Olson was a case manager who monitored the activities of people on house arrest to enforce home detention.

The woman in the case was fitted with an ankle monitor and placed on house arrest in August 2017. Olson was her case manager.

Olson went his supervisor at an unknown date and told her he had feelings for the woman on home monitoring. His supervisor removed him from her case and told him to have no further contact with the detainee, reports said.

On September 29, Olson allegedly took the ankle monitor off the female detainee and took her to Valparaiso for the weekend. On October 1, he allegedly took her home and placed the monitor back on her ankle.

When investigators spoke with the woman, she told them Olson was her case manager and it turned into something more. She said Olson took her to Valparaiso where they stayed two nights in the same hotel room and had sexual intercourse, according to court records.

She told investigators at the end of the weekend he took her back home and put her ankle bracelet back on, according to court records.

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