Former football player shows appreciation for Notre Dame marching band

NOW: Former football player shows appreciation for Notre Dame marching band

Former Notre Dame football player Peter Schivarelli, who is also the manager for the band Chicago, brought 11 players, including captains Ian Book and Jalen Elliot, along to show their appreciation for members of the Notre Dame Marching Band.

This is the fourth straight year Schivarelli has returned to show his appreciation.

The players passed out Chicago programs and backpacks, the same gear the Irish players carry, while the band played a couple of its greatest hits.

In total, 380 backpacks will be given to the student musicians.

"We know how hard they work and we see the long hours they put in. You know, there's no better feeling on game day and on the walk when we see these guys play for us and we're just here to show the support back," Ian Book said.

"It's really fantastic to be recognized especially for all the hours we've put in as a marching band.  We definitely work hard out there getting ready for game day and trying to be part of that game day experience, which from what I've heard, is part of the Notre Dame fabric," trumpet player Sean Kelly said.

Schivarelli has been supportive of football, the band and several other programs throughout the university.

During the event Tuesday, he also announced on October 5, the band Chicago will perform at halftime during the Bowling Green game.

He also will pay for the band to travel with the team to the Michigan game at the Big House.

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