Former inmates of Berrien County could learn fate of their lawsuit Thursday

NOW: Former inmates of Berrien County could learn fate of their lawsuit Thursday

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. – 10 former inmates have declared a lawsuit on the Berrien County Jail and three former Sheriff’s deputies on sexual harassment allegations.

The two women that ABC 57 was able to interview could learn the fate of their case as soon as Thursday.

Brittany Stanage and Cindy Mills are fearful that the case will be dismissed by the federal judge.

Ten women have accused three former guards of the Berrien County Jail of sexual harassment before they were dismissed from jail.

Both, Stanage and Mills, have been in and out of jail on drug charges over the years.

"I feel like they preyed on people that had addictions. It was like we had vulnerable written on us and they knew who to prey on and who not to prey on." Stanage said.

The County and the deputies have denied all of the allegations.

When ABC 57 asked, neither Sheriff Paul Bailey nor the county's attorney would answer our questions about the allegations on camera, but in these court documents they argue the county shot not be held responsible for the actions of their own employees.

ABC 57 was able to obtain a memo from Sheriff Bailey from Feb. 9th, 2008 regarding one of the deputies: "I have received two letters of concern from female inmates [that] implied Sgt. John McCoy had conducted himself improperly when dealing with female inmates."

McCoy was eventually fired in 2015, and two other guards that have been accused quit working at the jail.

"They're just trying to sweep it under the rug like it never happened." Former inmate, Stanage, said.

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