Former Warsaw schools employee arrested

The former Director of Buildings and Grounds for the Warsaw Community School System was arrested on multiple charges for allegedly receiving illegal monetary kickbacks from a business.

Gregory Schroeder faces charges of corrupt business influence, official misconduct, bribery and theft.

Schroeder allegedly received kickbacks in return for providing business to Continental maintenance Specialties Inc and the owner Brian K. Stowers.

Stowers is in custody in Shelby County, Kentucky. He is facing charges of corrupt business influence, aiding, inducing or causing official misconduct, bribery and theft.

In October 2014, Schroeder allegedly admitted to school officials he received illegal monetary kickbacks for doing business with Continental Maintenance Specialties.

A Warsaw Police investigation found Schroeder received $115,620.87 in illegal kickbacks, including a Harley Davidson motorcycle between 2006 and 2012.

Purchases from Continental Maintenance Specialties occurred annually from 2005/2006 through 2013/2014 school years.

It is estimated Schroeder over-purchased items from the company in the amount of $828,151.34.

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