Four Winds Invitational: Players visit Beacon Children's Hospital

NOW: Four Winds Invitational: Players visit Beacon Children’s Hospital

The 2017 Four Winds Invitational is only a few days away, but Wednesday, some of the players from the LPGA Symetra Tour had the opportunity to visit the patients at the new Beacon Children’s Hospital in South Bend.

Daniel Darquae is one of ten pros that visited and toured the hospital.

"It was special . It reaches your heart. Its been a fun afternoon and I feel like we are grateful and lucky to spend time with her," said Darquae.

It’s not only the players that bring a smile to the young patients, but also the life-saving technologies that proceeds from the Four Winds Invitational help facilitate.

In 2016, funds raised at the Four Winds Invitational helped bring in a portable ultrasound for the hospital’s MedFlight helicopter program, along with MRI movie goggles.

This year, a new training and simulation lab will be outfitted with three state-of-the-art patient simulators that will allow healthcare professionals to replicate actual scenarios.

Sim Mom is a full-body birthing simulator. Premature Anna is a 25 week pre-term baby simulator. Sim Junior is an interactive mannequin, which replicates a 6-year-old boy.

“It makes you feel like you are part of a group and society. Every player on the Symetra Tour knowing we are helping little kids and it makes you happy," said Darquae.

144 ladies will tee-off in round one of the Four Winds Invitational on Friday at Blackthorn Golf Club.

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